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Round 34: Now With Color

My motivation has moved back into reading books. So, I’ll see what I can do about doing at least one thing every week. I’ll leave you with some color (I’m still working on a background).

"Some how I don't believe your rose-colored glasses are going to make the situation look any better, but I guess it's worth a shot."

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Round 34: A Sad Little Lion Recruit

So… I had a super lazy weekend. I had a great Saturday roaming around and watching movies too late… which led me to be super tired on Sunday. But, I had a good day today (after I remembered that I didn’t have to work). I listened a lot of Mumford and Sons today and consequently I drew a picture of the first song of theirs I had ever heard on the radio, Little Lion Man (beware, there is an f-bomb in there). I’m going to try coloring him on the computer. If anything good comes out of that, you can be sure I’ll post it on here. ^^V

"Okay... But only if I can be a candy pirate."

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